Introduction to Google Apps

Mount Royal provides email, calendaring and chat through Google Apps for Education, our integrated communication and collaboration solution. Google offers a number of additional app services for students to try, but on initial deployment ITS will be supporting students for Gmail, Google Talk and Google Calendar. For information on the applications, and other applications available for students, see below.


Gmail icon
Gmail is a web-based email system - all you need is a web browser and an internet connection and you have complete access to everything Gmail has to offer.

Offering 30 GB of storage, users don’t have to worry about space requirements or deleting email. Coupled with Google’s amazing search tool, students can find the email they want instantly.

Along with search, Gmail offers a great organization suite that allows users to label, flag and star messages as well as build their own custom filters. Gmail also uses conversation mode, which groups email replies together allowing users to follow messages easily in chronological order.

Gmail offers users enhanced privacy and security, is ad-free and mobile device-friendly.


Google Talk
Coupled with Gmail is Google Talk, a text, voice and video chat tool that allows you to chat with other Gmail users in your contact list.

Google Talk is similar to other instant messaging services like Windows Live Messenger, AIM and Trillian, but has the added features of video chat and land-line phone calling similar to Skype.

Best of all, these services are available right in your browser with a plugin, so you don't have to download or install a separate program to run these services.


Google CalendarWith Google Calendar, keeping up-to-date and knowing where you need to go next has never been easier. Google Calendar is a browser-based system that allows you to share, manage and track your days from any computer with internet access.

Google Calendar bundles many of the services we’ve learned to expect from desktop calendar systems – finding available times, sending invites and managing multiple schedules – with the freedom to access you information from anywhere, including your mobile device.

Google Calendar allows you to add multiple calendars to one account, so you can keep track of your work, school and personal life in a flash.


Google DocsCreate and collaborate with other students and professors on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. You can access your documents from any computer with internet access since the documents are automatically stored in the cloud. Google Docs lets you upload many popular file formats from programs like Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Google documents auto-save, so you don’t have to worry about losing your changes. You can view the revision history and restore an older version of the document if you wish. When your document is complete, you can keep a copy online or save it onto your computer in whatever format you wish.

Your Google Apps account gives you access to many of Google’s additional services. While these apps are not currently supported by ITS, you have to option to use them on your own.


Google SitesCreate your own space on the web, giving you an domain and a place to showcase your work to other students, professors or the world.

Not a web-saavy kind fo person? No sweat! Google Sites lets you drag-and-drop web components into your page, no coding required.

While Google Sites will be available for students to try, all pages in the domain must comply with Mount Royal's Acceptable Use Policy.


Google GroupsCreate your own custom mailing lists and share your docs and calendars. Great for team projects and tracking assignments.


Mount Royal recommends Google Chrome as the most compatible browser for Google Apps.