Mount Royal University has gone Google

Account Activation

If your MyMRU password is less than 8 characters, you must first change your password at  You must then log off of your computer and log back in to restore your network drives.

The 'Employee Account Activation' link will direct you to the official Mount Royal Google login page.

Before you can use your new Mount Royal Google account, you must accept the Terms of Usage

1. Click Employee Account Activation.
2. Enter your MyMRU username and password.
3. Click Sign In.

This process will synchronize your Gmail account password to your password. It may take a few minutes before you can use the new password at Google. 
Migration time will vary depending on the volume of mail being migrated.

** Employee Account Activation **

Important: To login to your new Gmail/Google account you need to use your full email address eg:  'username'  You log into your Mount Royal Google / Gmail account by going to

Take the time to learn about and get comfortable using Google at MRU. Please visit MRU's Google Learning Centre for training videos, and materials, including Life After Lotus Notes.