Mount Royal is going Google

Welcome to the user adoption site for Google Apps at Mount Royal University. Google Apps empowers students and employees with an email, calendar and document management system that is just as collaborative and creative as they are! 

Project overview

In the summer of 2012, Mount Royal University students migrated to Google Apps for Education. This migration was well-received by students. In 2013 the President’s Executive Council and Board of Governors approved of migrating MRU Faculty and Staff to Google Apps. There are many benefits with migrating to Google Apps for Education. These benefits include better collaboration with Faculty, Staff and Students, mobile-friendly access, and campus-wide calendaring including booking rooms and resources.

Project status and schedule

ITS is now in the scheduling and implementation stages for the Google Migration for Faculty and Staff.  For more information on preparing for Google migration please visit the MRU Google Learning Centre.  View project schedule. 

Important: Once you have been migrated you will still have access to your Lotus Notes client for applications such as Pre-Travel Authorization, Expense Reports and Faculty Curriculum.

Next steps

You will notice there are some differences between Google Apps and Lotus Notes.  To aid you in the transition process please visit the MRU Google Learning Centre.  Here you will find instructional material covering how to manage, customize and use all of your Google Apps features, discover extra features, view timely tips and view a FAQ section for questions you might have.

Activation information

Employee Activation - Only once ITS informs your department that this link is available.

Student Sign up and Activation

The links for 'Students' and 'Employees' will provide the information you need to understand your email, calendar and contacts systems.  Continue exploring the site and you will discover great how-to (training) material, support resources and find answers to all of your questions.

Faculty self enrolment

Faculty members may sign up for a Google account at any time.  Prior to activating this account however, all faculty members must first contact the ITS Service Desk at  Once your request has been processed you will receive an email notification containing directions on how to activate your account.  If you wish to register for a training session please register here.